MapSourced Offerings

Specialising in Mapping & Crowdsourcing Solutions. We bring architecture, design, location intelligence and analytics to deliver effective solutions.

  • IT Architecture

    Designing for flexibility, for scale and designing to achieve business outcomes.

  • Development

    Front end (HTML, JS, CSS), back end (Java / Python) and data (structured & unstructured) development.

  • Test Automation

    BDDs with Selenium, Performance Testing with JMeter

  • DevOps

    CI Pipelines using Jenkins, Docker & Ansible

Agile Delivery

We design & deliver collaboratively and transparently allowing systems to evolve in creative, productive and unexpected ways.

  • Design
  • Build
  • Deliver
  • Measure


Design for the future, create and share a vision


Build Small, Build Well, Build Often


Deliver frequently, test assumptions, prove data flows, reevaluate design assumptions, feedback & improve


Prove the value of delivery
Deliver on your business case

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